Voyager Cataloging Module Preferences

Log on to workstation with Yale netid and Yale password.  Preferences are set up separately for each workstation logon.

Make sure the following files are copied to c/voyager/catalog/template:

j/mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/bib templates

j/mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/mfhd templates

Log on to the Voyager cataloging module with Yale netid and Voyager password

Open: options/preferences

Set preferences so they match the images and charts below.


Holdins/Item default location Choose a brbl location, e.g. beingen
Call Number hierarchies Other
Bibliographic Import/Replace Profile YL Import Conditional
Bib Overlay Import/Replace Profile YL Merge
Authority Import/Replace Profile YL Auth Conditional

Check all boxes:

Delete records from work files once saved to database

Delete records from import file once saved to database

Add a subfield “a” to a new field

Display MARC views maximized


Cataloging formats YUL2000 tagtable

Check only these boxes; leave others blank:

List all errors

Bypass ISBN validation

Bypass ISSN validation

Display all heading types







Check these boxes:

Retain last Search

Automatic truncation for non keyword searched

Display bibliographic record directly if search results in only one title

Always create a ;holding when adding holding to a bib

Display item record directly if item retrieve results in only one item

Check for duplicate item barcodes

Suppress confirmation message upson successful save

Retain hierarchy selections

Leave these boxes blank:

Sequence new items at top

Sequence new e-items at top

Update permanent location of attached items when MFHD is saved to the database

Update item type of attached items when MFHD is saved to the database

Item Defaults

Item Type nocirc


Copy the following template folders to C:

J/[…]mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/bib templates

J/[…]mssunit/voyager templates/cataloging/mfhd templates

Use only the following fields; leave others as is or blank:

Templates/Bib: link to a bib template on your C:

Templates/Hldg: link to a mfhd template on your C:


Expected character set of Imported Records/Local Import MARC21 UTF-8

Leave other fields blank or as is


All colors are in the top row of the color selection chart, unless otherwise noted

MARC Views

Bibliographic green (3 from left, 3 down) on black
Holdings black on yellow
Authority black on light pink
Conversion leave as i

Record Hierarchy

Bibliographic same as above
Holdings same as above
Item black on light blue
Bound with black on light green


Name Arial Unicode MS
Size 12 (or largest size available)
Bold Do not check

Global headings change hierarchy                 

Leave all boxes as is

Search Result Colors

Suppressed Records black on purple (6 from left, 2 down)

RDA Toolkit

Leave username and password blank.

Bib MARC Tag Colors

Leave blank, or optionally, set colors for highlighting bib tags on your workstation. “Insert key” = F4.


Click ok at the bottom of the preferences window