Occupation Terms




Western Americana


This list of occupation terms was compiled by Manuscript Unit archivists for use in 656 fields. 

Terms are from the Library of Congress Subject Headings (‡2 lcsh). Other terms from LCSH or other standard thesauri may also be used. 

The list is divided into terms used most often for general, literary, and Western Americana materials; however, terms may be used for materials in any curatorial area, as appropriate.

Terms that are not used are indicated with a “see” reference to a related term.

“See also” references indicate narrower, broader, or other related terms.

Terms indicated with * have been used most often.  

Subdivide 656 headings by ‡z [place] and ‡y [century], as appropriate.


Artists. ‡2 lcsh

Authors. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Novelists

      See also: Poets

Biographers. ‡2 lcsh

Book collectors. ‡2 lcsh

Cartoonists. ‡2 lcsh

Critics. ‡2 lcsh

Dramatists. ‡2 lcsh

Editors. ‡2 lcsh

Journalists. ‡2 lcsh

Literary agents. ‡2 lcsh

Lithographers. ‡2

Novelists. ‡2 lcsh

Opera producers and directors. ‡2 lcsh

Poets. ‡2 lcsh

Priests. ‡2 lcsh

Radio broadcasters. ‡2 lcsh

Set designers. ‡2 lcsh

Travelers. ‡2 lcsh


Actors. ‡2 lcsh

Art critics. ‡2 lcsh *

Artists. ‡2 lcsh *

      See also: Illustrators

      See also: Painters

Authors. ‡2 lcsh *

      See also: Novelists

      See also: Poets

      See also: Women authors

Biographers. ‡2 lcsh

Book collectors. ‡2 lcsh

Composers. ‡2 lcsh

Copy writers. ‡2 lcsh

Critics. ‡2 lcsh *

      See also: Art critics

      See also: Film critics

      See also: Music critics

Dramatists. ‡2 lcsh

Editors. ‡2 lcsh

Film critics. ‡2 lcsh

Farmers. ‡2 lcsh

Humorists. ‡2 lcsh

Illustrators. ‡2 lcsh

Journalists ‡2 lcsh

      See also: War correspondents

Lecturers. ‡2 lcsh

Literary agents. ‡2 lcsh

Moving-picture critics.

See: Film critics

Music critics. ‡2 lcsh

Musicians. ‡2 lcsh

Novelists. ‡2 lcsh *

Painters. ‡2 lcsh

Poets. ‡2 lcsh

Screenwriters. ‡2 lcsh

Soldiers. ‡2 lcsh

Teachers. ‡2 lcsh

Theatrical managers. ‡2 lcsh

Translators. ‡2 lcsh

Veterinarians. ‡2 lcsh

War correspondents. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Journalists

Western Americana

Artists. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Painters


See: Lawyers

Businessmen. ‡2 lcsh

Clergy. ‡2 lcsh *

      See also: Missionaries

Copper miners. ‡2 lcsh

      Use also: Miners

Cowboys. ‡2 lcsh

Engineers. ‡2 lcsh

Farmers. ‡2 lcsh

Fur traders. ‡2 lcsh

Gold miners. ‡2 lcsh *

      See also: Miners

Historians. ‡2 lcsh

Indian agents. ‡2 lcsh

Judges. ‡2 lcsh

Lawyers. ‡2 lcsh

      Use for: Attorneys

Linguists. ‡2 lcsh

Loggers. ‡2 lcsh

Miners. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Copper miners

      See also: Gold miners

Missionaries. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Clergy

Painters. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Artists

Photographers. ‡2 lcsh

Physicians. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Surgeons

Politicians. ‡2 lcsh

Printers. ‡2 lcsh

Railroad construction workers. ‡2 lcsh

Ranchers. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Sheep ranchers

Sailors. ‡2 lcsh


Use: Sailors

Sheep ranchers. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Ranchers

Silver miners. ‡2 lcsh *

Soldiers. ‡2 lcsh *

Surgeons. ‡2 lcsh

      See also: Physicians

Surveyors. ‡2 lcsh

Teachers. ‡2 lcsh