6XX Fields: General Instructions

600 Subject Added Entry - Personal Name

610 Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name

611 Subject Added Entry - Meeting or Conference

630 Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title Heading

650 Subject Added Entry - Topical Term

651 Subject Added Entry - Geographic Name

655 Index Term - Genre/Form

656 Index Term - Occupation

657 Index Term - Function

690, 692, 693 Local Subject Headings

6XX Fields: General Instructions

At least one 6xx required for all records.

6xx corresponding to 1xx: required when applicable.

Tag order:

Enter 6xx fields in tag order, and in alphabetical order within each tag.


  • Use only as authorized by LCSH.
    • See scope notes in LCSH authority records.
  • See scope notes and “may subdivide geographically” notes in list of LC subject headings on Classification Web (http://classificationweb.net/). Contact the Cataloging Coordinator for logon and password.
  • Don’t use ‡x History or date spans except in an authorized heading, eg:
    • ‡a Indians of North America ‡x Government relations ‡y 1934-
    • ‡a United States ‡x History ‡y Civil War, 1861-1865.
    • ‡a Connecticut ‡x History ‡y 1775-1865
  • Arrange subdivisions in correct order, generally one of the following:

    • ‡a [place] ‡x [topic] ‡y [chronological period] ‡v [form].
    • ‡a [topic] ‡z [place] ‡x [topic] ‡y [chronological period] ‡v [form].
    • ‡a [topic] ‡x [topic] ‡z [place] ‡y [chronological period] ‡v [form].

o   See LC Subject Cataloging Manual, section H 1075 for more information.

600 Subject Added Entry - Personal Name


  • Use ‡t only if the material concerns a particular title. 
  • Do not use ‡t for titles in a collection with a large amount of literary manuscripts.
  • Do not use ‡e relator terms.


600 10 ‡a Clarkson, Robert H. ‡q (Robert Harper), ‡d 1826-1884.

600 10 ‡a Wilson, Edmund, ‡d 1895-1972. ‡t Piece of my mind.

600 10 ‡a Millsap, Walter, ‡d 1886- ‡v Archives.

Family names

Do not use RDA headings for family names in 600; instead use the form established in LCSH, or create a heading in conformance with LCSH.  Always use the name form used in the materials in the 100 and 245 regardless of the spelling/form of the name in LCSH and 600.

100 3_ ‡a Griggs (Family)

245 10 ‡a Griggs family papers, ‡f 1775-1924.

600 30 ‡a Gregg family.

610 (Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name)

No additional local guidelines.

611 (Subject Added Entry - Meeting or Conference)

No additional local guidelines.

630 (Subject Added Entry - Uniform Title Heading)

If a collection contains material about a publication, but the publication itself is not present, a 630 field with the title of the publication can be used.

650 (Subject Added Entry - Topical Term)

Authorized terms:

Contact the Cataloging Coordinator for logon and password for Classification Web.

Literary headings:

  • For collections of literary personal papers, search for an authorized heading in the following form: [Occupation], [Nationality].


650 _0 ‡a Authors, American.

Literary subdivisions:

  • Add ‡y [century] and/or ‡v Archives as appropriate.
  • Use ‡v Archives for substantial collections of personal papers or corporate records. 
  • Do not use subdivisions for forms already implied by personal or corporate papers, such as ‡v Correspondence or ‡v Records and correspondence.


650 _0 ‡a Authors, American ‡y 20th century ‡v Archives.

Chronological subdivisions:

  • Follow LC guidance on chronological subdivisions in H620.
  • Generally only add chronological subdivisions to authorized headings that include ‡y or to free-floating subdivisions that allow chronological subdivision.  Examples: ‡x Social life and customs ‡y 18th century.  ‡x Economic conditions ‡y 19th century.
  • ‡y 17th century: use only for art, forms of music, or drama.
  • ‡y 18th century through ‡y 21st century: use only for art, languages, groups of authors, forms of music or literature.
  • Repeat subject headings with more than one century subdivision, as appropriate.
  • ‡v Early works to 1800: use only for geographic names, classes of persons, ethnic groups, or topical headings.
  • Note that some authorized subject headings include ‡y, such as: 650 _0 ‡a Sermons, English ‡y 17th century.


650 _0 ‡a Authors, American ‡y 20th century ‡v Archives.

650 _0 ‡a Dramatists, English ‡y 19th century ‡v Archives.

650 _0 ‡a World War, 1939-1945 ‡v Personal narratives, American.

650 _0 ‡a Frontier and pioneer life ‡z Oregon.

650 _0 ‡a English literature ‡v Translations into German.

650 _0 ‡a Real property ‡z California ‡v Pictorial works.

650 _0 ‡a Mexican War, 1846-1848 ‡x Naval operations, American.

651 (Subject Added Entry - Geographic Name)

No additional local guidelines.

655 (Index Term - Genre/Form)

  • Terms used in 655 must also be included in 520. 
  • For non-textual forms/genres, a corresponding 006 must also be used.
  • Always trace the following terms, with ‡z and ‡y subdivisions as appropriate:  

    • 655 _7 ‡a Born digital. ‡2 aat

    • 655 _7 ‡a Audiovisual materials. ‡2 aat

    • 655_7 ‡a Photographs. ‡2 aat

    • For early modern materials: 655 _7 ‡a Cryptograms. ‡2 rbgenr

    • Human remains (see below)

Standard thesauri:


655 _7 ‡a Diaries. ‡2 aat

655 _7 ‡a Drawings (visual works) ‡2 aat

655 _7 ‡a Brocade bindings (Binding) ‡2 rbbin

LCSH terms:

  • Use only when approved for special Beinecke cataloging projects.
  • Enter with second indicator 0, without ‡2: 655 _0 ‡a [Term].


655 _0 ‡a Manuscripts, Arabic ‡z Syria ‡y 19th century.

Local terms:

  • Use only if an appropriate term is not found in a standard thesaurus or LCSH, and after consultation with the cataloging coordinator and/or curator: 655 _7 ‡a [Term] ‡2 local


  • When appropriate, subdivide geographically and/or by century.


655 _7 ‡a Diaries ‡z Connectictut ‡z New Haven ‡y 18th century. ‡2 aat

655 _7 ‡a Diaries ‡z France ‡y 18th century. ‡2 aat

Human remains

For collections containing human remains, including human hair, teeth, and ashes, add one or more of the following 655 terms as appropriate:

  • 655_7 ‡a Human remains. ‡2 aat

  • 655_7 ‡a Human hair. ‡2 aat

  • 655_7 ‡a Bone ash. ‡2 aat

In addition, mention the human remains in the 520 to clarify the context and extent of the remains and add the collection to the human remains log.

656 (Index Term - Occupation)

Standard thesauri:

  • Generally use terms from LCSH: 656 _7 ‡a [Term]. ‡2 lcsh
  • Also use the same term in 650 so that the term is searchable as a subject.
  • See Occupation Terms supplement for terms commonly used by the Manuscript Unit.
  • Generally do not use race, gender, or other identity qualifiers in 656.  If the cataloger deems it significant, these terms can be used in a 650 field in addition to the more general term.


650 _0 ‡a Women architects ‡z California.

656 _7 ‡a Architects ‡z California ‡y 20th century. ‡2 lcsh

656 _7 ‡a Authors ‡z United States ‡y 20th century. ‡2 lcsh

656 _7 ‡a Engineers ‡z France ‡y 18th century. ‡2 lcsh

656 _7 ‡a Poets ‡z United States ‡y 20th century. ‡2 lcsh


  • When appropriate, subdivide geographically and/or by century.


656 _7 ‡a Architects ‡z California ‡y 20th century. ‡2 lcsh

657 (Index Term - Function)

Do not use.

690, 691, 692, 693 (Local Subject Added Entries)

Optional for local provenance, binding, geographic, or other topical subjects.

For Western Americana, use only in consultation with the curator.

Topical subjects



690 Topical subjects

Use only for local subjects approved by the Yale Library, or when approved for special Beinecke cataloging projects.

Use the following approved headings as appropriate:

YUL local heading:

690 _4 ‡a LGBTQ resource.

Beinecke local headings for vernacular language materials:

690 _4 ‡a Arabic manuscripts.

690 _4 ‡a Ethiopic manuscripts.

690 _4 ‡a Japanese manuscripts.

690 _4 ‡a Persian manuscripts. 

690 _4 ‡a Turkish manuscripts. 

Beinecke local headings for YCAL:

690 _4 ‡a Native American literature.

690 _4 ‡a Mexican American literature.

690 _4 ‡a Asian American literature.

Beinecke local headings for WA:

690 _4 ‡a Overland journeys to the Pacific ‡y [yyyy].

Also use: 650 _0 ‡a Overland journeys to the Pacific.

Beinecke local headings for pre-1600:

690 _4 ‡a Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Beinecke Library.

691 Geographic

Use for the following early imprints:

  • United States imprints through 1820.
  • Connecticut imprints through 1850.
  • All Confederate imprints.

Standard wording: [Country or State] ‡x [City, if needed] ‡y [yyyy].


691 _4 ‡a Louisiana ‡x Shreveport ‡y 1865.

692/693 Provenance

Use for personal or corporate names.

Standard wording:

692 14 ‡a [Personal Name], ‡d [dates, if known] ‡x [Local provenance term].

693 24 ‡a [Corporate Name] ‡x [Local provenance term].

Form of name:

  • Search LCAF for an authority record. If no authority record exists, create a heading in conformance with RDA.
  • Generally, do not use for names that cannot be uniquely identified.

Local provenance terms:

  • Use only the terms listed below.
  • Do not include dates.
  • Optionally give dates in 520, 500, or 561.



  • For armorial binding of the specified person.
  • Also use as appropriate: 655 _7 ‡a Armorial bindings (Provenance) ‡2 rbbin.


  • Also note bookplates in 561. 
  • Do not trace Yale bookplates unless requested by the curator.


  • Use for corporate bodies.

Manuscript notes and inscriptions.


  • Use when no physical evidence is present.

Presentation inscription

  • Trace both inscriber and recipient.
  • Standard wording:
  • [Last name, First name], [dates, if known] Presentation inscription to [First name initials. Full last name].
  • [Last name, First name], [dates, if known] Presentation inscription from [First name initials. Full last name].
  • If the Yale Library is the recipient, use the form of name for the Library that appears on the material and omit the recipient tracing.


Use for stamps.


692 14 ‡a Van Vechten, Carl, ‡d 1880-1964 ‡x Bookplate.

692 14 ‡a Alger, Abby L. ‡x Autograph.

692 14 ‡a Rescher, Oscar ‡x Ms. notes.

692 14 ‡a Purdy, James ‡x Presentation inscription to C. Van Vechten.

692 14 ‡a Van Vechten, Carl, ‡d 1880-1964 ‡x Presentation inscription from J. Purdy.