Preparation for Cataloging

Cataloging level

  • Generally, create full-level records. Exceptions may be made for recon or other special projects, in consultation with the cataloging coordinator.
  • Consult with the curator to determine if printed items in a collection should be cataloged separately, and whether these will remain housed in the collection. Route these items to the Rare Book Team; see the Processing Manual for more information.

Sources of information

  • Accession records: make corrections that will affect searching of accession records, such as typos, creator name, or keywords describing scope and content. Do not change descriptive elements that are created in accordance with specific acquisitions procedures, such as physical extent.
  • Acquisition files: when using information from vendor or donor descriptions, examine the materials to verify accuracy and completeness, consulting with the curator as necessary. 

Additional research

Limit additional research to an average of one hour per catalog record.