7XX Fields: General Instructions

700 Added Entry - Personal Name

710 Added Entry – Corporate Name

711 Added Entry – Meeting Name

730 Added Entry – Uniform Title

740 Added Entry - Uncontrolled Related\Analytical Title

752 Added Entry - Hierarchical Place Name

755 Added Entry - Physical Characteristics

773 Host Item Entry

7XX Fields: General Instructions

Enter 7xx fields in tag order, and in alphabetical order within each tag.

Required for a co-creator of a collection.

Use for significant works created by someone other than main entry in 1xx.

If a collection contains drafts or published copies of printed publications, use a 7xx for the creator or a 730 when there is no author to facilitate searching.

Also use for creators of part of a collection without main entry.


245 00 ‡a Directory of physicians practicing in the United States and Canada : ‡k manuscript.

520__ ‡a Manuscript directory of physicians practicing in the United States and Canada circa 1839-1842, recorded in several hands. Entries for Orange County, New York, are signed and dated Samuel B. Barlow (Yale 1822 M.D.), 1839 May 21; other contributors are unidentified. […]

700 1_ ‡a Barlow, Samuel B. ‡q (Samuel Bancroft), ‡d 1798-1876.

700 (Added Entry - Personal Name)

Second indicator is blank, except when creating an analytical entry with title subdivision ‡t.

700 1_ ‡a [Name], ‡d [dates].

700 12 ‡a [Name], ‡d [dates]. ‡t [Uniform title].

710 (Added Entry - Corporate Name)

For manuscript components of printed collections, use for collection names devised by Brbl.  See provenance tracing instructions in the Rare Book Cataloging Unit cataloging manual.

711 (Added Entry - Meeting Name)

No additional local guidelines.

730 (Added Entry - Uniform Title)

No additional local guidelines.

740 (Added Entry - Uncontrolled Related\Analytical Title)

Do not use for varying forms of the title in 245; use 246.

752 (Added Entry - Hierarchical Place Name)

Do not use.

755 (Added Entry - Physical Characteristics)

Do not use.

773 (Host Item Entry)

Do not use. 

Use 580 to describe relationship between parts of a collection cataloged separately.