Cuttering for Western Americana Manuscripts

Assign Cutter numbers to manuscripts classed as WA MSS S- and shelved in the Wall Street stacks vertical files.

A cutter number is a call number extension used for interfiling by main entry, assigned based on either the last name of a personal name, the first word of a corporate name, or the first word of a title.  A cutter number consists of the first letter of the main entry followed by a number, with these exceptions:

  • For words beginning with vowels or “S,” the first two letters of the word are used.
  • For words beginning with “Sc” the first three letters of the word are used.

Title main entries beginning with the same word, such as “Letter to..” or “Letters to…” should have the same cutter.


Meriwether Clark        C548

Spiro T. Agnew            Ag63

Winfield Scott             Sco86

Letter to…                   L569

To assign a cutter number:

  • Search the OPAC to determine if the name has already been cuttered for BRBL Western Americana  manuscripts

Advanced search:

Keyword = [name] as a phrase within Author

Limit location: Western American, Yale Collection of (Brbl)

Limit type: Archives or Manuscripts 

  • If an existing cutter number is not found, assign a cutter number by using the OCLC Dewey Cutter Program.  Download instructions are available on OCLC’s website.  Select the “Cutter Four-Figure Table” button
  • Determine if this cutter number is unique for Brbl Western Americana manuscripts by searching it in the OPAC:

Advanced search:

[cutter] as a phrase within Holdings Keyword

Limit location: Western American, Yale Collection of (Brbl)

Limit type: Archives or Manuscripts

  • If the cutter number has already been assigned, add a digit and repeat the search above


C548 has already been assigned: search C5481

C 548 and C5481 have already been assigned: search C5482

Folder labeling

Left label         Cutter number

Right label       Call number (incl. Cutter number)

                        Name. Title / Date


Enter the Cutter number in ‡i as the last element in the unique number, with no punctuation.


852 __ ‡a beinwa ‡h WA MSS ‡i S-1592 C548


WA MSS S-1592 C548

WA MSS S-4387 B7582

WA MSS S-4226 Sp45