Preparation for Cataloging

Cataloging level

Creation of full-level records typically requires reading knowledge of music notation, and may require additional knowledge of music history and performance practice.  When appropriate, consult a music cataloger for assistance with reading music notation or with descriptive issues such as identifying types of composition, notation formats, and preferred work titles.

Sources of information

Preferred work titles: search name/title records in the Library of Congress National Authority File (LCNAF).  If not found, consult works list appended to biographical articles in Oxford Music Online, or other authoritative works lists (see Appendix F. Reference Sources).

Additional research

Biographical notes: prefer Oxford Music Online or other authoritative sources (see Appendix F. Reference Sources).

Manuscript notated music dated 1600-1800: some materials held by the Beinecke Library have been described in detail in Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM)’s online catalog.  Consult these descriptions for supplied composer identification, preferred work titles, and dates.